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My Name is Moses, The Owner Of This Website

Three Things You Should Understand Before Starting any Online Business

Learn To Create New 

If you're tired of MLM and other Marketing gurus who makes money online only by teaching others how to sell their own courses, then you are in the right place, here you will learn to create your own real online business.

No Get Rich Quick Scheme Here​​​​​

If you are here because your thinking this training will make you rich quickly, then you are in the wrong place, chasing shortcuts will lead you to failure, learning and building online business takes time and consistency.

Money For Freedom

My Primarily reason to make money online is to be free and happy, you can always try to get higher paychecks by becoming slave to other business owners if you get promoted, but you lose your freedom and happiness.

Before I Start Telling You My Online Business Journey

Lets Start When I Finished High School

I Was Number One In College

To be honest I didn't really want to continue college, you will know why later, FYI our high school finishes year 12 then year 13 starts the college.

I lost a year after I graduated high school because of financial situation, I worked car technician almost 8 month, sometimes I was taking $100 salary sometimes nothing.

Finally, my father told me that I have to go to college so I find a high paying job, so I registered in Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) which was pretty expensive.

Long story short, I only did two and half year Diploma, and because I was the number one in the Engineering section with (GPA 3.94), they gave me discount around ($3300).

Why I Didn't Continue To Degree  

I could have continued 2 more years to take my engineering degree, but I didn't want to waste time and money for something that I wasn't passionate about, eventhough I was number one and got discount, but still I wasn't really happy.

I didn't even employed for what I graduated for, because I was not Kuwait citizen and there was some rules, instead I found a job in automotive field customer service with a $750 salary.

This was not the life I was dreaming about, this a joke.

Imagine I was the first in the college and I ended up with this salary

I didn't want to continue to degree because I understood that I will not reach higher position even If I took my degree, I lost my hope about university.

How I Started My Online Journey

My story is like anybody else, I got stuck in the corporate world and trying a way out of it

I know that this is not the life I was dreaming about, trading my time for money, I wasn't even passionate about it.

I was always seeking ways to own some kind of business to be free and no need too much capital to start and without risk, I didn't really know there was something called passive income or people can make money online.

My First Fail Experience

After years passed by, My close friend called me and told me to bring with me $3300 to start a business together without even telling me what is the business about.

I said to explain me what is the business, but he always rejected to me, then finally he accepted to explain in one condition that I give the money to him only.

He is my close friend, I trusted him I said OK.

long story short, turned out to be network marketing MLM company, and convinced me to register and start.

There was lots of fake promises, although the leader was successful and the company was legitimate.

After 2 years with them I didn't make any single dollar, and at the end I quit.

Frankly speaking the team that we were working became over 300 people, but the the only person was making the highest commission was the leader, nobody became financial free until now, since September 2016.

So this was my first lose about $2600, it took lots of time for me to recover from this.

Invoice I paid for the products for my first MLM company

They took $1000 extra internally in advance for so called conference they make once every year in Malaysia, so total $3300, they told me if I don't pay in advance the total amount I can not be partner with them in the business.

later after I quit I asked my $1000 back because I did not travel, but they returned me around $700, they told me that there is a difference because of exchange rate.

The Second Attempt

My same friend, he kept coming after me, but this time with another MLM company called Jeunesse.

I am in the fitness industry for a long time, so he tried to sell me overpriced supplements from this company.

I got suspicious, 

Wait, I forgot to tell you that, before he showed me this supplement he asked me if I have $1600, so I got suspicious he was trying to get me into another MLM company.

guess what, I was totally right.

Because later he tried to sell me indirectly without telling me that he was getting commission for this sale.

I researched about this company and I found out everything about them, I didn't join.

How I Found Affiliate Marketing?

I was really frustrated, I didn't know what to do, 

I was thinking to go back to MLM, because I thought that was the only way to financial freedom, but I didn't like network marketing, because I don't like to engage with people face to face and do selling things and pushing them.

One day I was watching YouTube, and I saw an advertisement a man earning money while travelling with laptop only.

The program is marketed in a way that I was able to set up a website and pay some amount and start to earn money.

I didn't know what was affiliate marketing until I clicked on the Ad and started to search more about it. 

He was asking me to pay around $30 to know more about the program, and I was about to pay, but..

After I searched more about the program on Google, I found that it was not only $30, once you go in, there are many upsells upto $30,000.

More expensive than my college, and this program was all about buying the training course and resell them to others online and get high ticket commission.

I gave up again because I could not afford this much money to learn or start an online business.

My Second Attempt With Affiliate Marketing

At that moment I was really hopeless about this make money online thing,because what I thought is in order to build an online business I have to spend lots of capital money just like an offline business.

What kept me look deeper for affiliate marketing, because I liked the idea of the business model, and being a shy and not good at face to face sales stuff, affiliate marking will be a suitable business model for me.

I didn't lose hope and I kept looking because I needed to know how to do affiliate marketing and earn thousands just like the guy on the Ad to be free.

I found many with upsells upsells upsells, and then finally I found a training program called Wealthy Affiliate, and surprisingly it was free to get started.

Since it was free to start, I sighed up and I started quickly.

I learned many things with their free version, I trust the training and community and the owners, I just felt something good about this training, so I paid to be a member with them to get the full package.

That's all, no upsells, I have full access to everything with one payment only.

However, I Thought It Was Easy

Let me you tell me the truth, even though wealthy affiliate provide you everything, it is all in one platform, but it was not heaven when I started to take action.

You should know that even with the best training people still can fail, if they don't take action. 

Results depends on individual, you must be consistence with your work, and always keep yourself updated.

I followed the their step by step training closely without any single step skipped.

Months flew by still nothing, I was about to give up again.

Until I received an email

Congratulations, New Commission 

That was the day I earned my first dollar online.

I know it is nothing, but I know that I was doing something right, and whatever the training is teaching was working.

Another Commission!

After few moths I received another commission which was $8 

Then another..

If I have given up I wouldn't see this was coming

I don't like to brag my self showing my results to people, but nowadays people believe when they see.

If you see other people results there no meaning, maybe you will be better than me, but..

This is one of my one day commission I received if you are interested

It is $184 in one day

Any Results easy to show

The real question is, how much I hustled to get a result, it was not easy

I spent countless hours studying this business model, asking question in the community, I had the chance to ask question to the owner himself, and learning what works and whats not.

My Honest Advice To Those Who Wants To Build Online Business.

Any opportunity you want to choose, make sure it is the right one for you, always there will be people who makes money and some not if they give up quickly.

Making money online takes time and consistency, it is not an easy road.

Many people out there trying to make the process very easy to make big commissions so they sell you their own course.

I highly recommend you to check Wealthy Affiliate, it helped me and many others to succeed.

However, they all have different results, there is no guarantee you will have the same results too.

But If you want t to achieve something you can.

  • Anybody can do if you want to put the time and the effort, you just need to right training.

The good thing is it is free to get started (no credit card required) and  except from quality training you have a huge community with real successful people you can get ideas from.

Success is meant for people who persist long enough to reap the rewards.

My Personal Life & Goals I Want To Achieve 

  • Born in 1986
  • I am Armenian
  • Brought to middle east by my parents at very young age, because my country economically not very good, not because of my people, because of my country's geographical location and political issues with some neighboring country.
  • Armenian is my mother language, English my second and Arabic third.
  •  I have been away from my country almost all my life, I want to make an income so I can buy apartment and live freely in my own country with my family.
  • Plus I have a long distance relationship, I want to see my girlfriend whenever I wish.
  • Eventuality become a Millionaire And Help Others

Yes, I still have a lot to do, not done yet, and I'm still hustling to get far better results to achieve my goals.

I have lost money and I have seen many training that want to take your money and give you fake promises.

I mission to build this website to show you what is good and what is bad.

Me Standing & my family

You Can Help Too

You came here in our website for a reason, you want to know if an income opportunity or Training is worth to join or not, if it is scam or legit.

Here in Online Business Revenue we are a small team, and we are trying to review as much products as we can, and we are trying to cover as much grounds as we can

We are always looking for people who are looking to expose a scam for us.

Internet is full of scams and with gurus who just want to take your money away and give back very little or not at all.

If you,

  • Have an insider information on an online opportunity
  • Wish to expose a program on behalf of Online business Revenue
  • Want to expose a program anonymously

Please send us an email to mosesisgenian@onlinebusinessrevenue.com

or you can drop a comment below

NOTE: The contact form purpose is only if you want to review or expose an income opportunity as mentioned in the blue box above, not for marketing purpose, if you have any other kind of query or questions drop a comment below please.

Moses Isgenian

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