How To Make Money Online Business – Don’t Waste Time

How To Make Money Online Business

People often lost what business to start, or how to bring some extra cash, which business to invest, and the risks to take, and many more reasons scared to start a business, because of other commitments in life, but nowadays you don’t need to worry too much about this sort of things, because the internet made everything easier to start an online business with very low investment and almost with no any risks, and you can start as a part time work if you like.

If you are excited enough to start a new path and knowing about making money online business and the reasons why to start an online business, and where to learn to become an online entrepreneur?, this article will be very helpful for you.


Why To Start An Online Business?

Technology is moving very fast, and many things going online, now people spending many hours online daily more than ever, specially shopping online, Apps., taking online courses, even some universities are teaching online, you should start thinking that traditional jobs is not safe anymore, and even your government pension plans is not assured, and many online jobs are killing offline jobs.

It is never too late to start an online business, neither is too early, many kids nowadays are doing online businesses and making thousands and even some of them millions of dollars, I have a friend he crossed 100,000 $ in sales online, and he is only 21 years old college drop out from china, CHECK OUT HIS FULL STORY HERE.

Starting an online business is very easy, it doesn’t need too much investment, you just need a computer and internet connection and you can work from home or anywhere you wish, but it needs lot of work, and it is better to start and built your online business in your 20’s, I wish I knew about online entrepreneurship 10 years ago.

Here are some reasons I encourage anybody specially very young people to start their online businesses.

1- The Sooner The Betterstart soon

The reason you should start your online business very early, because responsibilities and commitments that you have when you are young it is not very big, and you have more free time learning to build an online business beside your school or college instead of wasting your time doing nothing, you have much more energy when you are young and you can do multitasking more efficiently.

Building an online business is the same as building any other business, it takes time, so the other benefit starting in your 20’s, you will have better chance to travel the world sooner, and retire in your early 30’s.

2- Create Your Own Financial Security For Long Term

There are many ways to create your online business, and you can grow as much as you want, the sky is the limit with the online world, and you can have stable revenue, and even secuirity

Some online businesses are,

. Affiliate marketing

. E-commerce

. Blogging

. Content marketing

and many more…

All This makes millions if you master it, imagine if you start with the one that you can afford as a starter, which I prefer ”Affiliate marketing” (SIGHNUP FREE STARTER TRAINING COURSE), because it doesn’t need too much money, and you can even start as low as 49 dollars monthly, while you start producing continuous income from one online business, you can start to explore other online income sources and have multiple online income streams.

You can not rely on your 9 to 5 job, it is not secure, anytime you get fired, and even social security reserves is going down year after year, it is not safe to rely on your job retirement plan, you should start thinking very carefully about your future plan.

Entrepreneurs have full control on their financial situation, my advice to you is to change your mindset about traditional job and start building your part time online business as soon as possible, because the world is changing very fast, and you should be up to date.

3- Work From Anywhere In The WorldHow To Make Money Online Business

Literally you can work from any corner of this world as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, and many of us start online business because of the freedom, instead of waiting your annual vacation or retirement age to start traveling the world, modern technology will allow anybody to start traveling the world even if you are in your 20’s. As long as you have the right tools with you to operate your business, you can do the same work if you are on your couch at home or if you are on a beach in Thailand.

Not having a fix location as your 9 to 5 jobs and freedom of time to choose doesn’t mean that you are going to work anytime you want or anytime you don’t want, some they don’t know how to control this new commitments and fail in their online business, because they don’t have the right mindset yet, having the freedom to work anywhere or anytime is the best feeling you can have, and it should be a motivation to you to work harder and use your time more efficiently to achieve faster and better results and create a sustainable business.

Don’t misunderstand about having freedom of location and time will make the business easier.

4- Faster Personal Development and being mature

When you start your own business you will start to be more responsible person, specially if you start when you are young, your maturity level will increase faster.develope

When you own a business you will take in consideration that you will have risks, and this risks has nothing to do with the age, ”Jeff Bezos” the richest man in the world he started with website ”zshop” but it was a big failure before he succeeded with his ”Amazon” online business.

I personally lost few thousands dollars before I found the right place to learn.

In order to succeed in anything in life you have to face certain level of risks and failures which is normal, because these are the life lessons that will teach you everything, and facing these things in early ages will allow you to know how to develop yourself and learn to become more knowledgeable and professional in your business sooner.

5- You Don’t Need Big Loans To Start An Online Business

Newly graduated student usually take loans for university, and later master’s degree and at the end to become an employee, well I am not saying education is bad, but most of the student going under government depth just to have a master’s degree to work for the person who have no master’s degree, but instead they have financial education which you don’t need big loan to learn, maybe you will need only 10% of the university loan to learn about starting an online business nowadays.

I know, I have been there, I spent 25000 $ for my 2 and half years Mechanical Engineering Diploma from Australian College, and at the end I am not even working my real work, because I was a fresh graduate and they needed experience, I had to take another work because I needed money.

Well, some they are happy with normal education and with their job, but my point is don’t follow the same path just like anybody else only because others are doing it and you have to do it also, I am not against traditional education but it is not for everybody, most successful people create things, they don’t do the same things what others do.

My really honest opinion is to you, don’t waste your money if normal education not for you, instead invest in your online business that you can pass it over your generations, I am really happy that I invested in my online business, and I will continue to invest.


Why You Should Invest In An Online Business?

Investment in general is a very good choice, saving money is for losers, money loses value every year, wise person invest his/her money to build a business to generate money, both traditional business or online business is good, but I prefer to invest in an online business nowadays, WHY?, see the difference.

Traditional Business (offline business).investment

1- Big capital to start

2- Location

3- Too much risk

4- Very good income

5- One income source

Online Business.

1- Very Low Capital to start

2- No Location

3- No Risks

4- Very good income

5- Many income source

Obviously being an online entrepreneur is better than being traditional businessman even if I have the money, it is much easier and much flexible, but both need hard work.

I will give you 4 reasons why you should invest in an online business.

1- Easy To ScaleHow To Make Money Online Business

If you start an online business you can not expect that money will flow automatically and by creating some website posts and creating social media accounts and posting few posts you will make sales and become rich, and you will leave your job and start living your dreams, this is not how it works, people will not find you automatically online, the same competition you have in the offline world you will have in the online world.

Scaling a business is not easy, weather if it is online or offline, but the online advantage is that you are not restricted by a location or area or region, you have the worldwide audience, and once you learn how to advertise and market your products or services you will become unstoppable, and your growth will be very fast.

2- Low Investment And High Income

One of the biggest advantage that online business have is you can eliminate the big costs that traditional business have, you don’t have to rent or buy an office and a store, and in some cases you have to lease stuff, other than this, you can even remove the costliest budget that you will tie big amount of your money to a stock inventory.

You can start an online business by selling products without even buying the products, it is called affiliate marketing (READ FULL REVEIW HERE), everything is ready for you, only you should learn how to market online, many courses out there that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing, and one of the most legit and trusted program that I learned from is WEALTHY AFFILIATE, it is a step by step  training course, this is my number one recommendation to start.

Other way is you can start dropshipping and creating your brand without having your store, with these methods you reduce your risks to almost ZERO, and you will have consistent margins and very less capital to start.

Lets say you will open a store and sell shoes, you have to bring lots of types of shoes in the stock, it depends on what customer preference, because you don’t know what people want to buy when they come into your shop, and in reality not all the stock that you will bring will be sold, in this case you will be forced to sell them with very less margin by discounting them, In the online world you don’t have this risks.

3- Access To The World MarketHow To Make Money Online Business

You can not have a traditional shop and market to the world easily, it will be very costly for you, but the online market is the world, you can choose the market or the region or even specific people who are looking for the product that you want to sell or promote them, it has no boundaries, and you don’t have specific operation hours, you can make profit 24/7.

If you have learned very good marketing strategies, social media marketing plan, and you know how to do search-engine-optimization for your website, your online business will work for you around the clock, but you need to learn this stuff from a good mentors and proven system.

If you learn how to do this, people will find you, you will not find the people, and the entire world will be at your fingertips.


4- You Can Have Many Income StreamsHow To Make Money Online Business

Once you start an online business opportunities will open up for you from everywhere, the advantage of not having a location you can do anything you want.

Nobody started as a genius, you will learn, in my opinion you should start with the least investment which is affiliate marketing, because you don’t need too much upfront money, and you should concentrate until you find success, this is one income stream. one of the most successful affiliate marketers Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate.

After you start making full time income with affiliate marketing, you start blogging, there are many made millions blogging, bloggers like, Darren Rowse, John Lee Dumas, and Pat Flynn are making tons of money blogging, and it is very easy to start. and you can make money by displaying ads on your blogs by Google AdSense.(LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY BLOGGING)

By this time you are already making a good amount of money, so you can start dropshipping, you can create your online brand and store, you can start launching Ads campaigns and selling your products to a targeted people on social media.

If you only master one of this three ways, you are already full time online marketer, There are still many online businesses, I will write in a separate post for you in details.


Starting and investing in your online business is the best choice that you can make for now and the future, this is the future business model will be in marketing and learning and selling anything you want worldwide, imagine you are sitting in Malaysia and a customer buying your products or services from U.S.A, there are no limits in revenue.

My best advice to you to start with successful mentors who are already working in the online world for over 14 years, and they are ready to teach you from how to build a sustainable online business from A to Z.



I hope this article helped you to find what you are looking for, Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below, and I will happily help you out.

I wish you success


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