Money Back Guarantee Products – Is It Safe To Buy?

Does Money back guarantee products means that the product is good?

Money Back Guarantee Products

Have you ever seen ”Money Back Guarantee” on many products, whether if physical or digital?

I am sure you have.

If they are sure they don’t sell ”Money Back Guarantee Products”

30 days money back guarantee

60 days money back guarantee

or even 90 days no questions asked

If you ask me that if I trust these products?, I tell you absolutely not.

They even tell you, if you don’t like the product, send it back. (terms and conditions applied with small letters 🙂

How can you trust all these products?, specially on online market.

Do you think if they are giving you guarantee it means that the product is safe, there is no risk to buy?

I think it is WRONG

They are very smart marketers, they trick you with money back guarantee so you buy the product, and this is where most people are trapped in this trick.

What is actually behind this money back guarantee that most of the companies are hiding.

Money Back Guarantee Products – Guarantees You Should Take Care

Shipped Info-products

The information product that are shipped to you in mail, you should take care of them in case you will return, specially high ticket courses that are shipped in a package, you should send it back the same way it came to you, this means that you are responsible for packaging back if you want your money back, there are many terms involves in this matter which usually you will not get your money back.

Companies With Poor Reviews

This is very clear, you should do your research after you found your product, just look around the internet see what people are talking about the product, of course there must be some comments and feedback about the product, if you see many negative reviews, just don’t buy it, specially if they also don’t have a free trial.

Just avoid this kind of products, you don’t have to worry about your guarantee.

High Digital Products Prices

If you are buying digital product over $500, you should be aware that returning your money back will not be very easy, and you will have very bad experience, first of all if you are buying high price ”Make Money” digital product for example $ 996, most likely there is an affiliate behind this product, so the affiliate getting around 50% ($ 498) commission and the rest is the merchant.

Do you think if you ask your money back it will be an easy process?, I don’t think so, why?

Because, if you ask a refund, the merchant might be out of the $ 498 which they paid the affiliate, so, you will have the worst experience until you get your money back or not, and I don’t think that you will pay few thousands for the lawyer to return your $ 996 back, and waste your time, it doesn’t worth it.

So, be carful when you buy high price digital product that are offering ”Money Back Guarantee”.

Sales Page With Many ”Money Back Guarantee products” Signs

If a company continuously emphasizing on their page about ”Money Back Guarantee”, these people trying to sell their product on the fact that you will get your money back ”don’t worry”, and they don’t want to show you what is the product, and what are you getting.

Mostly these companies selling cheap products, $ 50 or lower, they will assume that nobody will ask their money back because of the cheap price.

My advice you should stay away from these products, unless you want to pay to try.

The Best Guarantee is To Try The Product First

This is whole new level of customer satisfaction and credibility if the wants you to try the product first for free, in the ”Money Make” industry you will see very few companies give you a free trial to see how is the training, because many of them if they do this you will never end up buying the product, because they are under deliver.

Companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, they let you try the product first, they showcase in the showroom and let people try every option of the product, and even they provide with free training.

They will explain everything you need to know before buying, that’s why Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world, and it has very high customer satisfaction rating.(from many sources)

I know in money making industry the Wealthy Affiliate the most successful and the best ”Make Money Online” training course, and the Wealthy Affiliate does have a free trial to see how the training works, and coaching and support for free ”before you pay anything”, and they have over 1.5 million entrepreneurs wonderful community to help each other daily.

I Suggest you to take a look of my ”Full Wealthy Affiliate Review” to learn more

And then I suggest you to try it, to see with your own eyes.

Thank you for reading my ”Money Back Guarantee” review

I would really love to hear your feedback about ”Guarantees” and your experience you had even if it is bad or good in the comments below.

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