Six Figure Mentors Scam – Truth Revealed!!!


Six Figure Mentors Scam

Name: Six Figure Mentors (SFM)


Owners: Stuart Rose and Jay Kubassek

Price: 29.95$ + 97$/month + 297$ + 2,500$ to 20,000$ (check full pricing list below)

Online Business Revenue Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

My recommendation: No

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Is Six Figure Mentors A Scam?

Well, I am sure many of you here because they are not sure about this training program, same experience I had as well.

Before you start Reading my personal experience about SFM, I want to give you some flashback about Jay Kubassek history that he was the owner of Carbon Copy Pro/Pro U company owner which has been shut down, you can read my review HERE

I am not trying to say that SFM is a scam, But it is better to know some history about the owner before you join any training program that you want to invest lots of money.

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First I have seen this program on YouTube Ad, a guy traveling the world talking about laptop lifestyle and enjoying life his name is Dan, at first I didn’t give much attention, but after I have seen many many times, I started to be curious about it, and I started to dig more information.

Actually before SFM founded was Carbon Copy Pro, also established by the 2 founders of SFM, but after Carbon Copy Pro closed, they started to redirect its visitors to Six Figure Mentors.

Carbon Copy Pro was promoting of an internet marketing educational course DEA Digital Experts Academy which costs from 2500$ to 20,000$ ,the DEA is integrated with the SFM now to get more advanced training after the Elite membership, which is the high ticket upsell for the SFM, all will be discussed on this article.

The good news is that the Six Figure Mentors is not a scam,

And I am not a member of SFM, you will know why, just continue reading 🙂

But there is another problem, it is too costly with no guarantees, although they give good knowledge about internet marketing, and step by step program teaches you how to start online business with their own marketing tools and resources and strategies.

But there are much better programs offers better training and knowledge about internet marketing as low as 49$ per month of what entire SFM is offering to you with more than 40,000$.

You can pay 29.95$ one time payment in order to know if this program is for you or not, and this money is refundable within 30 days.

After you pay you will get a survey asking about your personal information, such as name, surname, your income…etc

Still, you will not have any kind of training until now, you will unlock the introductory module called ”Student Access”, all you will know why you are here and what are you going to do, and information about how make money online works with one on one coaching, and idea about inline marketing skills, and some tutorial videos.

If you are ok with their terms, you start paying 25$/month or jump directly to ESSENTIAL MEMBER check prices below,

But this alternative program actually trains you to a certain level to know actually how to make money online with much more information for FREE.

So, Six figure mentors scam ?, lets find out


What Is Six Figure Mentors?

They are claiming that they are giving the best ”internet marketing training” to help you make money online, to promote anything you want.

But once you get inside the SFM deeper, you will find out that you can not promote what you want, it is more like locked program, once you get into it deep must follow their guide, you can not leave easily.

Actually you learn to promote what you want, but you need to continue reading to know why I don’t recommend this program.

They have resources which ready for you to use,

. Affiliate links and sales pages

. Marketing Banners

. Custom Sales Funnels

. Custom Link Generator

. Custom Tracking generator

. Custom tracking stats

This is all done for you, which is something good, but it will not come directly from the first module.

The main thing that you have to do is you have to follow their guide and you have to use their tools, with the coach which is assigned to you,

You can not just choose what system you want to work with.

This looks good for a beginner internet marketer who doesn’t know anything about any other programs out there.

Let’s talk about the owners little bit


Six Figure Mentors Scam


Stuart Rose and Jay Kubassek the co-founders of SFM

As I mentioned before they were running another company called ”Carbon Fibre Pro” which you can not find anywhere now, I guess that might be a scam company, it is shut down anyway.

Stuart and Jay they were running DEA company on the beginning, which later they connected with the SFM as a more advanced training courses ”Mastermind” integrated with the SFM, with much higher prices, which are the upsells for SFM, the main income.

I just want you to know this so you will know some idea about their past.

How SFM Attracts Leads

So, after you click on that SFM paid advertisement, opens up their landing page, you will be asked to put your email to subscribe to their email list.

SFM mostly use paid advertisement, they don’t teach how to attract ”FREE” traffic, because they don’t want to review others products, they want to sell only their products, so you need extra cash for the Ads, see below for more details.

In my case I found them on YouTube Ad, Dan Halloway speaking about how he started to travel the world and got rid off 9 to 5 job, and how anybody can do this with SFM internet marketing system.

You will start to receive emails for 7 days with a link of video, mostly they are giving students testimonials of how they became free digital marketers and living the laptop lifestyle, and left their 9 to 5 jobs, nothing special, just some videos to make you excited to know more about SFM and go deeper, more like a convincing videos 🙂

They will keep brainwashing you this 7 days until you actually brainwashed Lol.

Six Figure Mentors Costs And Options

Six Figure Mentors membership levels and payments.

1- Student Access (29.95$ + 25$/month) (optional)

2- Essential Membership (297$/month + 97$/month)

3- Elite Membership (2,500$)

4- Digital Expert Academy DEA – Silver (2,500$)

5- Digital Expert Academy DEA – Gold (8,000$)

6- Digital Expert Academy DEA – Platinum (11,000$)

7- Digital Expert Academy DEA – Black (20,000$)

After you pay for the ”Student Access” 29.95$ you will access to introduction level for 30 days, afterwards you have to pay 25$ monthly.

You will not know much here after you submit your application, you will know only what is the basic process of an internet marketers, such as, an internet marketer must have a website, you should have an email list, and you should give value to the people, and they will take your personal information as I mentioned above.

You will be introduced about the owners, you will have access to business system consultant, and digital skill platform where you have video tutorials about online skills.

If you want to pay for this level, you will be introduced to the other SFM products as well, and will be explained why you should purchase them and why you should promote them.

So in order to get some partial information about the internet business you have to upgrade to ESSENTIAL MEMBERSHIP which is (297$+97$/month).

The program that I recommend will give you this information without even paying anything, just email address and password.

SFM Essential Membership – Getting Deeper

The annoying thing here that you can not continue learning unless you contact your coach, because you will always face roadblocks on every level you finished, and in order to move forward you have to purchase them, otherwise they will not unlock it for you.

In this module you will be asked to feel some worksheets, you will tell them why you want to be in SFM, and how they will change your life.

You will be asked to write them how is your life now and how was before (last 5 years), circle of influence, and how you want your life after 1 year (your goals), what is your dream the next 12 months.

I have been asked this kind of questions before when a network marketer introduced me about MLM in a traditional way, I didn’t want to go through these questions again, but then I realized that I can’t skip.

If a beginner did not face such things, it will be good experience and motivation for them, but not someone who already gone through.

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Next Step – Setup

You will access digital business module, live weekly training, recorded training, you are assigned to your coach, and Digital business lounge premium membership.

Your website landing page and autoresponder (you can choose only AWeber email responder) will be setup for you to start attracting leads from search engines and start building email list, but everybody knows that this is not enough to rank in search engines, and people will not find you only by landing page, so here it comes these questions.

Other questions will be asked for you,

1- How do you plan to promote SFM products?

2- How much can you afford to buy SFM products?

3- How much is your monthly budget for promoting?

They push you to promote SFM products, and they concentrate mainly on paid traffic, that’s why you see everywhere SFM Ads, mostly on YouTube, and you know that paid advertisement cost extra money, it depends how you will promote on social medias/google/yahoo/Bing/YouTube. Etc

Your coach is with you, he will support you, but he will not give you all the information you need, unless you buy the next level membership to unlock it, he will always push you to buy, because there is the big money to be made and he will make more.

Up until now I feel like I start to have some idea what is going on and I learned something about internet marketing, and I paid already more than it worth.

But I decided to stop, I don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for the SFM products and promote again to others and UPSELL, UPSELL, UPSELL….

Actually, when I first saw the SFM advertisement, I was excited, but after experiencing it, I don’t recommend to anybody, because everything is coming very slow.

Although in this level I could have earned commission on every referral.

Initial income: 200 $

Recurring monthly income: 20$

But I decided to cancel my membership, because I didn’t see any point to pay huge amounts and selling again to others to make the big bucks $.

So now you know why I am not an affiliate for SFM.

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Elite membership still is not the end of the journey,

You have DEA products/memberships as I mentioned above,

Sliver: 2,500 $

Gold: 8,000 $

Platinum: 11,000 $

Black: 20,000 $

After you finished the Elite training, you will be introduced to DEA products.

These are the high tickets products, which you will make 5-10 percent commissions on each sale, which the owner will make much more than you, it is kind of pyramid scheme but in a legal way 🙂

Check out the detailed affiliate commissions here ALL SFM COMMISIONS

SFM Tools and Services

. Digital Business Lounge: 37$ or 67$ per month

. Simple Lead Capture: 29.95$/month

. Graphix Creator: 99$

. Simple Trakk: 9.95$/month

On top of what you will play, you have to pay to use their tools.

Actually they are good tools and legit, and good to build your website and online business, but the problem is they are too expensive and locked in.

This means once you start using these tools, it is hard to transfer to another programs, and when you start with SFM you have to use these tools, and keep paying them.

The Good Of SFM

If you have enough money to join and learn their marketing strategies to promote SFM, I think it is a good idea to join, otherwise there is no point of joining them if you don’t want to promote SFM.

I learned basic information about internet marketing to level that I reached, they have very good information about internet marketing, but I could have learned this for much cheaper price.

But in SFM you can learn how to become affiliate marketer to promote.

1- SFM and DEA products.

2- Someone else’s products

3- Your own products

4- All the 3 points above if you can

And if you want to continue to all levels, you will be able to learn about managing import and export your own products and market them, same as Amazon FBA.

SFM Allowed me to search more about internet marketing business, and opened my mind to see the great potential about the online world.

My Mindset has changed about being internet entrepreneur, I think this is very important to anybody if you want to start your own business, because if your mindset is not ready, you will stop after the first failure.

I learned not to give up, because although I failed and I lost some money, but this doesn’t mean the end of the world, I kept on searching.

The experience in SFM allowed me to start easier in a much better training program which is affordable and teaches you how to be a true affiliate marketer in any niche you want.

The Bad Of SFM

It is way too expensive, although they will teach how to be an internet marketer, but there are much cheaper programs out there and even better training.

The amount that I will pay in the SFM all subscription combined is almost 44,000 $, this is huge amount of money for normal person, and many of the information that they are providing you can find it for free online.

The SFM designed to promote mainly SFM products, they support you very good if you want to promote SFM, if you want to choose your personal business/passion to grow, they don’t give you any support.

They concentrate how to recruit more people in SFM, as I mentioned before it is more like pyramid scheme not even MLM, because MLM everybody is a winner, but the forbidden pyramid scheme only the owners get the big revenue percentage.

You have to use their own tools for building your online business, you don’t have the freedom to choose.

They don’t have interactive platform as good as Wealthy Affiliate, actually you can not compare the interaction quality in wealthy affiliate with SFM, in wealthy affiliate you can even contact the owner if you need to, but in SFM you can not easily.

As you know, becoming an affiliate with any company is free of charge, but in SFM you have to pay to become an affiliate for them, you can not promote SFM unless you start paying.

Six Figure Mentors Success Stories

Dan Halloway which I found SFM through him, his making very good amount of money, and he has proofs, I personally believe him.

But he already paid all the levels and all the fees of SFM (around 44,000$) to earn that much money, because of the high ticket commissions.

The question is, how many people can afford to pay that much amount of money, and they don’t give any guarantees to succeed in front of that big investment, if you can not continue, you will lose all that money, so that’s why you are obliged to continue.

Six Figure Mentors Complaints

There is no product or programs out there without any complaints, even the most popular companies have complaints for many reasons, you can not have 100% satisfied company by customers.

But if big percentage of people are complaining for same thing, it means there is a big chance that something wrong with this program, SFM has this problem, lots of people complaining about them.

My Sincere Advice To You

SFM will teach you all about affiliate marketing, and it is legit program, but I think it is too overpriced, I believe being an affiliate marketer need too much work, but it doesn’t need too much money to learn.

The amount that you will pay in the SFM it is same cost as university degree level, and you have no any guarantees, and in order to recover your money faster, you are forced to promote SFM products to get high ticket commissions.

After all, affiliate marketing is about selling products online and earning commission, all you need is the right training to teach you the system how to do it, from the people that honestly wants to help you.

There are many good programs out there you can learn, but the training program that worked for me is the Wealthy Affiliate, I have personally tried and tested and saw the benefit of their training.

The good thing about wealthy affiliate is that once you join, you will find all the help you need inside, it is kind of all inclusive training program, you don’t need to go and find help from outside if you stuck in some point.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to be a true internet marketer for budget people, I would really suggest you to take a look for this program.

If you find this article useful, please share with your friends or family members, and if you have any other questions please feel free to comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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