Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 – Best Affiliate Training (Real Member)

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Welcome to my Wealthy affiliate Review 2020

After going through many other training programs, my number one recommended program is wealthy affiliate, in my opinion this is the best place to get started, and learn how to make money online for beginners and all levels.

The website called ”WEALTHY AFFILIATE”, it means the education that you will get is about affiliate marketing training in general.

If you don’t have any knowledge about affiliate marketing, as you read my wealthy affiliate review to the end, you will understand what is affiliate marketing, and why I claimed this is the best training program to start.

If you haven’t gone through my blog: my name is Moses, and I am a premium member of wealthy affiliate.

My mission from this website is to help people to start with the right program, instead of wasting money and time looking around as I did, or thinking which one is the best, or which one is not a scam.

Don’t worry, I will get all covered for you here, because I know how it feels like to be lost, I found this great training program and I want to share it on the internet so everybody will know about it and start to learn.

So enough wasting time lets get started.


What is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is not network marketing ”MLM” is not e-commerce, is not drop shipping, or online paid survey or data entry, and you don’t have to go out and talk to people face to face to sell stuff.

Basically affiliate marketing is this in brief.

You choose your hobby or interest or niche, whether it is about (photo shooting, basketball, football, diet, fitness, camera, beauty, model, money making) anything you are interested in and turn it into your business online by helping people.

And you wondering now how you are going to make money online? , Just continue reading you will know everything.

It is very simple, you are the middle man, there are close to 600 MILLION products/services, and people are searching online to buy things they want (physical product or digital),

All you have to do is to promote other people products on your website, and help people to find the right product that they are looking for, and the commission will transfer to you online through PayPal or bank account.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

You don’t have to create the product or buy, or have a store, you don’t have to ship it or deliver it, there are thousands of companies online offering commissions if you sell their products online, and all the rest they will take care, for example one of the companies Amazon, and many others.

And the most amazing part with affiliate marketing is that the person who buys your product or any other product you are not even promoting in your website through your ”affiliate link”, guess what? you will get paid even for the other products in the same time or within the specific period of time mentioned according to the company’s policy, (usually during 24 hours)

Let me show you 2 real life examples to make it more clear for you how people are making money with affiliate marketing.

1- First real life example UBER Taxi 


UBER doesn’t have any cars, UBER is an affiliate marketing business, what is he doing is connecting people through application or website to cars that are registered to the UBER owners app. and whoever order that car Uber will get a commission from the taxi driver, it is amazing business.

Even UBER is offering coupon code or discount if you recommend to someone to use.

2- Second real life example is Hotels.com

Hotels.com don’t have any hotels don’t have offices, they just recommend people with hotels around the world and whoever book a hotel from hotels.com the owner of the website will get commission/percentage.

Same with Expedia.com and Booking.com, Airbnb.com those are all multi billion dollars companies working as an affiliate and they are making millions of dollars for just recommending stuff without even owning any inventory or airplanes or hotels.

There is no limit with affiliate marketing in earnings, here are some facts,

1- More than 3.5 Billion people in the world have internet access and growing.

2- People are spending online billions of dollars and growing.

3- Online business became much easier than before if you have the right mentors.

Can you imagine how much large is the market in the online world?

But how to turn this into a business, and make passive income, bring customers to your website and make a sell.

Whoever tells you that they can teach you to make money online without a website, believe me, they want to take your money, because your website same as your company.

You hear too much on the internet such things

– Earn 8000 $ in one month without website

– make 864 $ in one day

– 50,000 $ no experience

Most of them are scammers, they promote things in a very hyped way, which means that they give you the impression that is very possible to repeat what they do, many of them are experts and have years of experience, and have lot of knowledge, took courses, and they want to give you their personal training for thousands of dollars to get the same result in one month, which took them years to get.

I am not saying it is not possible, the results vary from person to person, and depends on how much time and work you are ready to give.

And by the term of building website don’t be scared, I didn’t have any computer skills when I started, and you don’t have to be a computer scientist or a programmer.

So this is what ”wealthy affiliate” will teach you everything from building website to actually make money online during the training ”EARN WHILE YOU LEARN”.


Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 – What is Wealthy Affiliate ?

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019


Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Founders: Kyle and Carson 

Price: Starter membership free (premium membership 49$/month or 495$/year)

onlinebusinessrevenue.com rating: 5/5

So, ”wealthy affiliate” is an affiliate marketing training university, it is a platform that you will find everything you need inside.

Wealthy affiliate has been for a long time on the online business teaching world, and lead the affiliate industry, let me show you some testimonials here.

Testimoniallast update in May 2020 members reach are over 2.2 million people building their business inside, in 193 countries, and it is one of the most successful affiliate marketing training platform online since 2005.

Do you know why haven’t you heard of wealthy affiliate?

Because they are not like this online ”Gurus” that they show off with their expensive cars in order to attract people, they are trusted and honest people, and they want to deliver their 14 years plus of affiliate marketing experience to you to succeed with ZERO RISK.Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

I believe if you want to be successful you have to follow the right mentors, and proven success plan, and find the right knowledge and execute them, and most important be patient.

Wealthy affiliate will provide you all the elements, it is your decision if you want to become successful or not.

Once you join the program you will see many successful wealthy affiliate members writing their stories and sharing with the community with proofs.

And others claiming that it is a scam, mostly people who fail or give up, or people who never even get into the wealthy affiliate program, so all this we will discuss.

Wealthy affiliate have 2 membership, free starter membership and premium membership only.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

You don’t have to provide credit card information to sign up as a free membership, and you will get access to.

1- Beginner course (level 1 of 5): This course consist of 10 lessons, which will help you to select your niche and build a website, and will give you understanding what is affiliate marketing and how it works.

2- Affiliate Bootcamp training (phase 1 of 7): consist 10 lessons, and this will focus on a niche called ”How to make money online”.

3- Training classrooms (2 out of 13): If you have a particular question to a specific classroom, you can select the classroom and ask the question you need, honestly the fastest response I received within 5 minutes, but usually I get response in 15 minutes, the free starter classrooms are,

  • Get started classroom

  • WA affiliate program

4- 1 Free websites (1 out of 10): premium membership will give you 10 free hosting websites, which is more than enough, most people become successful with one website.

5- Keyword research JAAXY (30 Searches + 30  Site Rank Scans): Very important tool to get your website ranked in the search engines to get free traffic (google,bing,yahoo).

6- Live chat for help (First 7 days): communicate with other wealthy affiliate members who are live in the chatroom.

7- 1 on 1 coaching (First 7 days): you can send private message to any wealthy affiliate members who are successful and get help, successful people can be easily found by clicking on the rankings inside the community.

Who is Starter Member For ?

Most of the people seek the free path to success, well, here is the bad news, free stuff will not get you too far, you have to invest in yourself, you can not wait until you make money for free then you decide to upgrade to premium, if you don’t know anything about the business.

This is the same as you are expecting to work as an engineer by taking the free brochure to check what are you going to learn without paying to university.

Be realistic, free starter membership is preparing you to what you are getting into, information with free starter membership is not enough to be successful.

You have to take the business seriously to become successful, and upgrade to premium, you should become pro.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership – Benefits

Premium membership will give you full access of everything in wealthy affiliate, there is no any hidden extra cost or upsell, except your domain name fee which is $ 13 to $15 per year.

All Training and Coaching

. 5 Online Entrepreneur certification courses: See below the details.

. 7 Phases of Affiliate Bootcamp Training: This course is about ”make money online niche”, This training will give you full knowledge to successfully promote any product in your niche, it has created many successful people online (click here to start).

. All 13 Classroom: These classrooms available to solve problems if you are facing.

1- Get Started Classrooms

2- WA Affiliate Program

3- The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

4- Search Engine Optimization Classroom (SEO)

5- Authoring And Writing Content Classroom

6- Everything WordPress Classroom

7- Social Engagement And Marketing Classroom

8- Web Development And Programming Classroom

9- Keyword Niche And Market Research Classroom

10- Pay Per Click Marketing Classroom

11- Email Marketing Classroom

12- Video Marketing Classroom

13- Local Marketing Classroom

. Weekly Live Webinars: Weekly webinars are every Friday night and they are very valuable information, and you will be notified by email, and in case you couldn’t attend you can watch the recording available in the wealthy affiliate website since 2012.

See below the details for live classes.

Extra Features

. Private Massaging (one on one coaching): You can send a private message to any Wealthy Affiliate member to get help, all WA members are friendly and they are willing to help.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

. Live Chat: Unlimited access to live chat, you can get help instantly whoever is live on wealthy affiliate chat room.

. Unlimited Keyword Research Tool (JAAXY LITE): This is very important tool and one the best tool JAAXY to build your website for a faster ranking in search engines, it will unlock unlimited keyword competition data with very accurate data and very easy to use, keyword research tool usually cost 20$ a month, but (JAAXY LITE) in Wealthy Affiliate comes as a complementary with your premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

. Jaaxy Site Rank (monthly 100 scans): You can find out where is your ranking in the search engines (Google,Bing,Yahoo) on the particular keyword that you are writing your content.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

. Website Analysis Platform (JAAXY): With this tool you can simply take any successful top ranking website in your niche and analyse to see what are they doing exactly, how they are using the keywords, and what is leading them to rank high, you can even check, keyword density, meta tags, alexa rank, content insights, and backlinks insights.

Basically you can spy on your competitors, and work on your website to be better than them. see the example:

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

. Website Builder Package: Building a website sounds scary but in wealthy affiliate you have the most advanced and simplistic website platform in the world, it will take you less than 30 second to get a fully operational, profit ready WordPress website up and running, NO JOKE, unlike other web hosting providers in the past are more complicated, it used to take weeks or months to have starting website.


. Web Hosting Package: Web hosting is a place where all your website information holds.

Without a web hosting you can not have a website, if anybody tells you that you don’t need a website to run an online business either they are lying or they are old fashion.

So getting your domain name and web hosting service need extra cost which is up to 299$ monthly fee with other hosting platform.

But in wealthy affiliate you can host 10 domains without paying any extra cost for hosting as a premium membership with the best service features.

Wealthy affiliate has a very powerful hosting service, check out the table below.

In case you don’t know what is a ”Domain”, basically it is your website name.

. 24 Hours Technical Support: You don’t have to worry about any technical issue in case you face in your website or inside the wealthy affiliate platform, believe me I have my own experience and they responded me very fast, I didn’t expect this much fast, and they will not leave you until your problem is solved.

. Affiliate Programs: Wealthy affiliate training platform is always evolving, this brand new menu in the wealthy affiliate will help you to search and find and manage over 10,000 legitimate affiliate programs that you can partnership with according to your niche to earn commissions by promoting their products, instead of searching in google hours and hours to see which is legit program or which one is paying better commissions.

There are affiliate programs that pay from 1% to 51% commissions, and some other some other programs that pays fix amount from 2$ to 2000$ commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

In wealthy affiliate platform life is much easier for affiliate marketers to check which affiliate program to choose, for example if your niche is ”golf” you can search golf related affiliate programs, or you can search for affiliate programs by categories.

Even you can filter affiliate programs based on:

. Country Availability ( is this available to you as an affiliate in your country)

. Payout options (cheque. paypal…etc)

. Auto Approval (of commissions)

.  Rating (Affiliate program)

. Commissions (how much they pay)

. Network Fee (if available)

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Wealthy affiliate is constantly improving their platform to make affiliate marketers easier to work from one platform,

Check here for more information by Carson

Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Really For You?

Well, off course you can pay only this much amount and join and learn all the levels how to be successful, and you can have all the tools and everything, but the real question is, are you really serious and going to apply everything that you will learn inside WA?, if not, then you will waste your money.

Many wealthy affiliate members still fail, even though they have everything to succeed, but they fail or give up in the half-way because they don’t have patient.

They want to succeed quickly ”Get Rich Quick” mindset, and they want to see result in few weeks or months, and they quit if they don’t see.

Then they go start looking another opportunity, and then another one, and another….

If you want to succeed in any business, you have to choose only ONE opportunity and give everything you got, go all the way to success whatever it takes.

So if you really have what it takes to succeed, click the button below to start your journey.

The Truth About Earning Money Online – 3 Things Must Read

I have read many training programs out there, and all of them have some things in common that they don’t dare to tell you.

Develop skills

Online success is all about selling, you should help people and give value to buy things from you or through you without being face to face, people should take action.

In order to do this, you need to have some skills, if you don’t have then you need to learn and develop your skills, you can not have by reading or watching videos, skills need lots of practice, need time to get better, you can not acquire overnight, but it is possible to have it.

Is Success Guaranteed?

Nobody can guarantee you success, just run away from that person who guarantees you success.

You probably say what if I pay for premium membership but I don’t succeed after working hard, this is losers language ”what if”, if you don’t pay and learn you will never know.

I was very cautious in my life to take risks, I was very afraid to spend money, but then I realized that if I don’t pay for premium member and learn, I will never know if I will succeed or not, and the amount that I paid will not make me rich if I save it, and it will not make me poor if I lose it, (There is no lose if you work).

Just believe in yourself, it is a leap of faith.

This is your own business you should be responsible of what you are starting, you have to work hard and be consistent and continually seek answers, you should have the right mindset.

Even if you are not getting any results after few months just keep going, don’t give up, you will find success eventually, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, just remember that you are the guarantee of your success.

Freebies Will Not Take You Anywhere

Maybe you will find some free information online about online business or tips, but you will never find complete guide to the finish line, unless you want to waste too much time searching for answers for free.

People provide you with some free information to get you inside the business.

For example: You go to the perfume shop, you get a free sample inside small bottle, and many other products that they provide you with free items.

Online world is the same, nobody will give you full free information unless you pay.

Wealthy affiliate as well, free membership will prepare you with information to where are you going to, but if you want to know all the things that you need to know, you have to have the right training and tools and support which is (PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP).

This is how businesses are run everywhere.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners – Why?

Because It Is Affordable

There are hundreds if not thousands of website and teachers who are willing to teach you about online business, but they want high price, and for sure there are extra cost, because the knowledge and information and support is the most expensive things, trust me I faced this.

In Wealthy Affiliate you will NOT have any kinds of extra cost except your domain name (15.99$/year max) NO UPSELLS.

Wealthy Affiliate is for people who are on a budget, and plus you will have everything you need, access to all ( live webinars with experienced trainer, community, support, tools…many more).

As you can see in the table, this is what you have to pay for wealthy affiliate period, if you want to pay yearly or every 6 months you will even save more, you will see the price descriptions below.

The only place that you need to learn everything is in wealthy affiliate, you don’t need to go to search for answers any other place, everything you will find here.

I have searched for other programs, and I found good programs, but they always ask for upsells from their own products, after I found wealthy affiliate I realized that other programs don’t even come close of what wealthy affiliate is offering.

Proof That Wealthy Affiliate Works

Off course people always wants to see proofs before starting anything, including me.

But trust me, even if you see or not, it is all up to you to succeed.

Inside wealthy affiliate website we have a special place down on the first page where members share their success stories, they post their blogs inside the platform, with their results.

In my opinion this is very exciting to see that there are thousands of people actually making money online from the teaching in wealthy affiliate, which means that the system is working, and will give you the motivation to keep going.

Very Easy To Get Your Business Started

Once you sign up to free starter member in wealthy affiliate, and you prepare your profile,

Then you start first 10 lesson training, which will teach you how to,

1- Choose your Niche (what are you interested in)

2- build your website

3- create content

The process is very simple, and you can either achieve it in short time or long time, it all depends on you.

By the end of starter member you are already inside the business and ready to continue to the higher levels by going to premium.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Training – Sneak Peak

Wealthy Affiliate have 5 levels of training, each consist of step by step 10 lessons explained with video Tutorials (Kyle voice) and written, explained in a very simple way easy to understand, and then at the end of each lesson you have tasks that you need to do.

Tasks will get you to move forward with your business at the same time, earning while you are learning.

1- Getting Started

2- Building your own Traffic producing website

3- Making Money

4- Mastering Social Engagement

5- Achieving maximum success through content creation

Under each lesson you have people who is attending the same lesson, and you have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions if you want to clarify something about the same lesson.

These are the first 10 lessons that Starter membership will provide you.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 – Getting Started

You should have the courage to start a business, because it is very hard to take that first decision to start something and put a commitment.

This first level of training it will help you to get started and push you to take the first step, and by the end of this level, you will have good understanding of what are you going into.

As you can see in the picture you will know the basic points on how to start an online business.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

In any online business you need to create content, video content or picture content or written content, but in Wealthy Affiliate concentration on creating written content in your website and how to design your website, because your website is your asset.

You will be trained how to choose keyword and how create content around that keyword to get thousands of free traffic, without paying for advertisement, yes wealthy affiliate will teach you how to rank high in the search engines such as (Google, Yahoo, Bing..), and other social medias.

The better you rank the more Traffic you get, and you produce more leads which will turn them into buying customers, and making money.

In order to do this you need to give your time to create content, instead of giving your money to pay for advertisement.

Wealthy Affiliate concentrate how to get free traffic, and in this level will teach you how to do.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 3 – Making Money

After understanding how to bring traffic on your website, in this level you will know how to earn money, otherwise why are we doing this training for.

In this level you will learn,

1- customer buying lifecycle

2- How to find affiliate networks to your niche that pays you commissions and selecting the most profitable.

3- Understanding which affiliate networks are the best

4- How to monetize your products on your website

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

In this level you will learn how to socialize with people, and selling your product through helping them with information.

This days people hate to face a salesman who wants to sell a product just to get his commission from you, that’s why social engagement more important than social marketing.

You have to earn people trust first before you sell anything to them, In this level you will learn how to do.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 5 – Achieving Maximum Success with Content Creation

In this level you will know how to scale your business through content creation, because as we said before our main concentration is continuously creating quality content as fast as possible, to bring as much traffic as we can without paying any money from your pocket, to create a sustainable business.

In this Level you will learn how to do it .

Wealthy Affiliate – Live Webinars

Within the premium membership you will have access to weekly LIVE interactive questions and answers training webinars with an expert and years of experience training chief in wealthy affiliate Jay since 2007, which is priceless, every single week without skipping you will be notified by email.


He will cover every week up to date topics will teach you critical methods and strategies to maximize your affiliate marketing success, he will explain in a very simple words and in fun and enjoyable way, and during the live webinar you can ask questions to him and get instant answer.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

You don’t worry if you miss a live webinar, next day you will have the recording available, and all the replays available since 2012, over 300 hours webinars.

Some topics covered in the live webinars:

  • creating capture page or landing page

  • Email Marketing

  • SEO and google raking

  • understanding keyword research and how to incorporate in your article.

  • Making YouTube video

  • YouTube video ranking

  • Develop Logos and Banners

  • Getting Traffic to your Funnel.

  • Advancing your Authority in any Niche

  • Managing your Website Design Through CSS

These are just few, there are many many more valuable information that will help you to take your business to the next level.

Why Do People Fail In Wealthy Affiliate? – 3 Reasons

There are few categories of people that they are about to succeed, and they are really taking the business seriously and learning from the top experienced people and the best support, but unfortunately they will fail if they do this,

A. People Who Gave Up Easily

Unfortunately people who give up very easy, they will never succeed in anything they do, this is the truth.

There are kinds of people they will come to ”TRY” if they will succeed or not, and after trying few times they see that too much work to be done so they give up.

And others they want to see very good results very quickly after putting some work, and then they complain the system is wrong because they haven’t seen any result. There are many reasons people talk about.

In wealthy affiliate there are people who saw results after 4 months, and some after 1 year, and some after 2 years, why? because they kept on working and they didn’t give up.

The secret of success is consistency and keep looking for answers, seeking help and ask questions.

B. People Who Knows Everything

There are kinds of people who thinks that they know everything.

off course the training it looks easy and it made that way to make you learn better, but still people think that they know and skipped lesson after lesson to finish faster without listening to the all thing, and they will miss some important points.

You should take your time to understand even it looks easy to you or if you know some points, and every step you are reading you have to implement it in your task.

It is very important to follow the steps that is given to you in the training.

Don’t take any shortcuts, this is a very big mistake.

C. People Who Are Not Doing Things Right

Wealthy affiliate will build your foundation strong, and the basics of how to be successful online in affiliate marketing, but it doesn’t mean that you will do exactly the same as others.

What I am trying to explain is, you have to think outside the box, you have to have creative new ideas, you should come up with your unique ideas to be different from others.

If something doesn’t work out, then you should try something else, some people will never change their style, they will try the same thing over and over again even though they are not seeing any results.

If you are working very hard and you have no results even not even any visitors after 3 or 4 months, it means you have something wrong in your work, you should seek help in wealthy affiliate community and try to find what is wrong and solve it.

Don’t stop thinking that your work is very good and wait for some miracle, always upgrade your information and change if it is not working, and I am sure eventually it will work.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

Starter membership: Free to join $0 (No credit card information)

I will provide you my SPECIAL BONUS if you Upgrade to premium during the first 7 days you get 59% discount and you  pay  19$ for the first month if you join through this link  (JOIN HERE) .

when you decide to create your account within the first 7 days, just complete your profile, I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my ”HELLO” and some more information about WA, and how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus, trust me this will be great stuff. 

You don’t know what you are missing all this years until you step inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Monthly Premium membership: 49$ per month (JOIN HERE)

One year premium membership: 495$ (save 93$) I prefer yearly, because you will save some money.

You can upgrade to premium from the wealthy affiliate dashboard and you can get my free 3 bonuses for you check here

Wealthy Affiliate constantly upgrading their platform to give the best to its members, they have 25 people working 60-70 hours per week behind the scenes to move the technology.

The only additional payment that you will pay is your domain name fee, which is 13.99$ to 15.99$ per year, and the hosting is included inside the premium membership for 10 websites. other platform hosting will charge you extra monthly cost. CHECK THE HOSTING COMPARISM TABLE BELOW.

I know people who are transferring their websites to wealthy affiliate to save the hosting cost, because they will get one price for 10 websites.

There are literally no any extra payment or upsells other than what I mentioned.

With this cost you will access to everything period.

For any reason if you want to cancel your premium membership, with one click you can cancel, no questions asked, but in my personal opinion if you want to cancel I prefer you contact me inside the community first and tell me what is the reason of your cancellation, if you are facing any problem in Wealthy Affiliate so I can guide you for your problem.

Free Starter Membership Is Restricted For Some Countries

Unfortunately, you can not join wealthy affiliate ”starter membership” in some countries, you can only start with premium membership.

The restricted countries for starter membership are,

1- Pakistan

2- India

3- Bangladesh

4- Egypt

5- Philippines

6- Vietnam

7- Kenya

Don’t feel sad about this, if you are serious to start your own online business and grow to a big extent, I am sure that you will not regret the moment you join the wealthy affiliate premium membership.

The only country which is Blocked to join wealthy affiliate (starter and premium membership) is Nigeria, very sorry.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

One of the wealthy affiliate complaints that people want to make money quickly, but in wealthy affiliate takes time, because you have to build website, and building website is not easy, wealthy affiliate teaches to internet marketers to attract the free traffic way, in order to get free visitors to your website you have to learn how to rank in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) then to get visitors and make sells.

That is why some give up after 2 or 3 months, because they tired of creating content and not seeing any kind of results, and they don’t even try to ask and find answers.

Other wealthy affiliate complaints that people don’t know what niche to choose, they spend days thinking, it is really not that hard, you choose something you interested in, ANYTHING, anything you can turn it into a business, even if you don’t have any interest in anything, just choose something and start the training, eventually you will see that you are getting somewhere, or after half way the training you will realize what you want.

So don’t complain too much about something because you will waste too much time complaining, just start and the training will show you where to go, but of course is not easy and it is not hard either, starting affiliate marketing business just like starting any other business, you have to build it, and building takes time, and it is better to start with proven system with wealthy affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam ?

After all what I have explained to you, definitely it is not a scam, not even close, it is the most legit and honest program I am learning from, there are many success stories you will see inside the community.

Well, off course some people will disagree with me, they will say lots of bad things about wealthy affiliate, because,

1- They don’t know about wealthy affiliate, or

2- They are not patient enough to see results

3- They didn’t put the required work to see results

4- They want to get rich quickly

Wealthy affiliate does not teach to the members talk bad about other programs in order to join with them, I really apologize if you see someone who does like that, wealthy affiliate helps people to find success if you are willing to put the work.

My advice to you is just give it a try, since it is free to join, you will not lose anything, perhaps you will find out the program that you are looking for, because it happened to me the same thing, and I continued to premium.

Does Wealth Affiliate work?

In any business that you want to start you have to spend time to study and learn to see how is this working.

I included success stories with testimonials in my website for you to see with your own eyes and believe that wealthy affiliate works not only with one member but with thousands, there is nothing to hide.

So, Does wealthy affiliate work? 

My answer is YES, because it worked with many other members, I am sure it will work with you also if you put on the work.

Since wealthy affiliate is free to start you have nothing to lose, but if you are serious go to premium and invest in your self and your knowledge to become successful, 

Do you know what is the rewards?

FREEDOM, financial independence, travel where and when you wish, no alarm o’clock in the morning,

I didn’t believe in this stuff before, but when I saw with my own eyes and I communicated with this people inside the community, I didn’t wait a single moment not to waste time anymore, because the faster the better.

What if it doesn’t work?

In my opinion this is really depends on you, you have everything you need inside wealthy affiliate, all the tools, and you have seen many are succeeding.

Just ask yourself a real question, WHY I should not succeed?

Because you are not starting, in my opinion.


Get your self inside a community that are like minded people surround yourself with positive successful people to become successful.

My Humble Advice

In my opinion, wealthy affiliate is the best program that I found to become a real affiliate marketer, so you can promote all kinds of products, it doesn’t matter if you are not an expert about a product, you will learn how to become one.

In order to learn any kind of marketing in a college or university you will pay yearly at least 10,000$, here in wealthy affiliate it is same as university, but you will learn online on your computer at home, and you have help from experienced people who are actually successful in affiliate marketing, it is not necessary to pay big amount to university if you want to choose this path.

In my opinion, learning how to become successful from successful people is better than learning in the university, because the teachers in the university are working for the sake of the salary, they don’t know anything about creating real business, they have employee mentality not entrepreneur, so learn from real teachers who are already have successful business.

I found many other programs that they have many upsells from their own service products as a mastermind classes to make high ticket commission for faster income, which you will pay few thousands to learn more, and product after product, I don’t think you need to spend this much to learn.

Wealthy affiliate does not have this sort of things, they have only free starter membership (limited access) and the premium membership which you will get access to everything, they will teach you everything necessary step-by-step to become successful, you don’t have to worry about it.

It is proven to work that’s why I joined without thinking twice, and they are always up to date.

Join the free starter membership and check it by yourself.

You visited this website because you want to start something to change your life, so do it now or you will lose that drive that was already inside you and join now TAKE ACTION.

I hope I covered everything what you need to know about wealthy affiliate to make a decision, if you feel that you need to know more, leave comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Once again my name is Moses, thank you for taking your time to read my review about wealthy affiliate.

I wish you success 🙂



1- How long does it take to produce results?

This is entirely up to you, your progress will be different if you put 8 hours a day or 1 hour a day, the more quality time you put daily the faster results you will get.

Everybody has different amount of free time daily, some of us have full time job like me, and some of us are free, you can not compare between you and others, but offcourse daily progress is better than no progress. If you put only one hour daily, in one year it will be 365 hours of work, imagine what can you accomplish in such a time period.

If anybody promising you faster results with less work, please stay away from them, I have been in that kind of situations.

2- How much money can I make with affiliate marketing?

Actually it is unlimited, as long as you are working as hell, I know somebody in the community who made a million dollar in ten years time, and lots of people in the community who are making 4 and 5 figures income monthly, and some making nothing yet.

So it really depends on you, I am directing you to a proven system that works with real success stories you can check here, wealthy affiliate university will teach you the full system of how to make money with affiliate marketing with no step skipped.

3- Can I apply wealthy affiliate training on a website I already have? Can I build a website on a domain I already have?

Yes, You can improve your website much better with the wealthy affiliate training, and you can build your website through wealthy affiliate premium membership by transferring to wealthy affiliate platform.

4- Can I buy .com .org or .net domains through wealthy affiliate? or do I need to buy from outside hosting like Bluehost?

Absolutely you can buy with premium membership .com .net or .org domains in the wealthy affiliate with 13.99$ to 15.99$ per year and the hosting is included inside the premium membership and you will get the best hosting options.

Unlike some other hosting platforms like pagely charge you 250$ and 299$ monthly with less hosting options for one website ”wealthy affiliate hosting free 10 website”, and you can see some other companies hosting comparison with wealthy affiliate in the table below.

If you want you can transfer your website to wealthy affiliate platform with premium membership and save too much with very powerful hosting.

5- Is there any hidden fee in the wealthy affiliate?

Except from your premium membership fee, if you are serious about your business you should pay your own domain name fee which cost 14$ to 16$ per year.

By paying your own domain name fee nobody can take your brand name from you, otherwise you can build a free subdomain website but you will not own your website.

You don’t worry for any other hidden fee or UPSELLS.

6- Is wealthy affiliate a pyramid scheme or Network marketing (MLM)?

No, You don’t have to promote wealthy affiliate, or take part of its affiliate program, there is no recruiting or downlines, you don’t get paid from other people effort, your referrals will not do any recruiting, your commissions is entirely is your own effort, you have the freedom to choose any niche and work.

7- Network marketing VS. Affiliate marketing

They are totally different from each other.

Network Marketing or Multi level Marketing (MLM): You have to promote the products which is mentioned in your list only through word of mouth marketing, and you have to talk to people and recruit as many as possible by selling these products to them and follow up with them, and they have to repeat the same thing over and over, your commissions are entirely dependent on your downlines effort, and you don’t have the freedom to choose any niche or other products.

Affiliate marketing: You have all the freedom to choose what you want to promote, there is no recruiting, simply people are searching for products online, and you are helping them to find the product that they need and buy from your website, then you will get your commission based on how many sales you make from the affiliate company you partnered, and you are not selling overpriced products in order to get commissions.

8- Who is wealthy affiliate for?

  • Anybody who wants to build a sustainable full time business.

  • Stay home moms and dads who want to start a business from home.

  • Bloggers who want to learn more about blogging and ranking in search engines in order to attract traffic.

  • People who want to travel with their business anywhere.

  • Retired people who wants to start a business from home.

  • Student who want to make some extra income.

  • People who want to develop and strengthen their existing online business.

  • people who want to start a business without any risk.

  • people who want to start a business and they are in a very low budget.

Moses Isgenian

Hello, I'm Moses, Welcome to my website, My mission to help individual not to fall the same traps that I have been through and wasted too much money. After 3 years wasting time and money, I was about to give up about all this online money making thing, until I found the right training program that helped me with everything to start my online business, which is called Wealthy Affiliate. I am building this website to share with everybody, and show you why Wealthy Affiliate is the best out there.

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